Lorenzo Cordoba

For a long time, I have been taking medication for my lower back pain and headaches caused by a car accident. A friend told me how Dr. Rhoda has improved the quality of lives for many people who have been plagued by low back pain and headaches. At first I was a little worried because I have never thought that the acupuncture needles could help me. I always thought they could cause me pain. Dr. Rhoda explained the procedure to me with calmly and gently. She made me feel comfortable. The treatment was comfortable and painless. When I finished, my headaches and lower back pain had relieved a lot. After taking five treatments with Dr. Rhoda, my life has changed. After taking five treatments with Dr. Rhoda. I feel more energetic. I can concentrate better on my work and even my partner has noticed a change in my personality. I am no longer in a bad mood because of my pain. I highly recommend Dr. Rhoda to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life. I hope people out there with pain can read this review because taking medication is not a healthy option to live with.

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