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“Your first WEALTH is your HEALTH”

At Miami Holistic Care, our mission is to provide the tools necessary to improve and maintain your health. It is not just about pain relief, it is about finding sustainable solutions for the short-and long-term. At Miami Holistic Care We Care About YOU!

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Dr. Rhoda Lohier

My mission is to help get as many people out of pain as I can and help some individuals feel better about themselves. According to God’s plan, we all have to age, but we do not have to do it painfully. Therefore, let us find a solution to your pain and suffering.

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During Covid shutdown I spent a large amount of time eating and drinking foods that were not healthy for my body. I felt bloated with uncomfortable back aches and also suffered from asthmatic breathing discomfort. I met Dr. Rhoda and my health life changed almost immediately. Not only was she comforting , but she listened […]

Winsome Bolt


I have excruciating back pain and was referred to Dr. Rhoda by a friend. This is was my first time experiencing Acupuncture and I had several reservations. Doctor Rhoda is a very caring, knowledgeable and professional individual. She explained everything that was being done. This was my first visit and I feel ten times better […]

Delois Parker


I publicly profess my love for Dr Rhoda because God truly used her as a vessel to heal me of several things going in the incorrect direction. One of which I was in bed for 2 months unable to walk, sit and much less drive. Thankfully for her knowledge and patience I was back to […]

Peggy Alvarez


Dr. Rhoda created a Saturday space for me, which was the 1st of many “healing gifts” I experienced in her care. As I manage a rare disease tsunami of Ehlers Danlo Syndrome and Fibromuscular Dysplasia, the body, tissue, muscular and mental/spiritual impacts vary. Rhoda attended to them all. Had my first night’s restorative sleep that […]

Suzanne Jewell


For a long time, I have been taking medication for my lower back pain and headaches caused by a car accident. A friend told me how Dr. Rhoda has improved the quality of lives for many people who have been plagued by low back pain and headaches. At first I was a little worried because […]

Lorenzo Cordoba


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