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Balanced Treatment and Therapy

In a world of advanced medical sciences and technology, a lot of traditional practices are being applied to treat various conditions. At Miami Holistic Care, we offer acupuncture therapy and other traditional and alternative methods focused on integrated health care.



Acupuncture is a form of natural medicine discovered over 4,000 years ago, This treatment allows the body to heal naturally. It involves the insertion of fine single use sterile needles in the body’s energy channels. Everyone has Qi (energy) that runs through their body. This Qi travels through the energy channels/meridians. It is through stimulating specific points on the meridians that we can affect the flow of Qi throughout the body. There are 600 points scattered throughout the body. We stimulate those points either with a needle or with massage, suction cups, scraping tools, or even with an herb called moxibustion. That way you can affect the flow of Qi in the body as well as the quantity and quality of Qi and body fluids. Thus helping to get rid of pain and treat various health conditions, common and uncommon.

Acupuncture is a great form of drug free pain relief. It is a holistic form of healing so it works at the level of mind body and emotion. Acupuncture not only treats the symptoms of disease but also treats the causes of disease. So, the problems are less likely to occur. It is great for preventative medicine while treating problems when they’re still at a subtle level before they become full on diseases.

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Ear acupuncture or Auricular therapy is a form of Chinese medicine. It can help relieve pain and treat certain conditions. Small seeds from the Vacaria plant are placed on pressure points on the ear. They are held in place with small pieces of adhesive tape. Focusing on these pressure points can help with Stress, Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation and more. The process is painless and the seeds can stay on for up to two weeks.

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